Gelaterias and Confectionaries near Leo Boutique rooms

We woud like to recommend some of the best ice creams and pastries to try during your stay in Budapest.

We list you some options, which are within 10 minutes walking distance from your accomodation.

Gelateria Pichler

This lovely gelateria is mostly famous for not just their delicious ice creams, but for those filled in a chimney cake! Yes, you read that right, it is the most incredible sweet in Hungary, which you can try in the city center. Don’t miss this calorie bomb, it’s the coolest thing right now, and it is just a corner away from Leo.

This is what visitors said about it:

"This is a lovely gelato shop where you can get a chimney cake cone! These are delicious, light, fluffy and sugary! The ice cream is really good quality too."

"Absolutely delicious, I tried another place beforehand but this one is the best, you have to try the ice cream chimney cake it’s amazing! Staff were super friendly too, lovely little shop."

"Chimney Cakes are a common treat in Budapest and you can get them from street stalls and cafes all over. We headed to Pichler Gelato though where you get a Chimney Cake loaded with the best Gelato with plenty of flavours to choose from... Service was friendly and the Gelato and Chimney Cakes were delicious. Highly Recommend a visit."

Gelaterias and Confectionaries

Auguszt Cukrászda

It is one of the oldest confectioneries in Budapest, it is a must taste place since 1870. It started as a family business and now it is a franchise, it has 4 shops in Budapest. Their uniqueness comes from the mixture of tradition and modern artisan pastries. You can find them a 5 minutes-walk away from Leo.

Auguszt Cukrászda
This is what visitors said about it:

"The service was excellent and helpful. My girlfriend had several questions about the pastries and we got all the answers we needed. The texture and the taste in the pastries were amazing. Coffee was also extremely good."

"Good cakes, good coffee, extremely good customer service. They adviced us which activities in the city to choose at the rainy weather"

"This is a little gem of a place to get coffee and some of the best cakes in the world. What a selection. I had the lemon mousse cake with lavender and orange on a cake base. The coffee, latte and my partner had latte with honey, was as gorgeous as the cake. Go there!"


It is a very popular confectionary in Hungary, dating back for 1952. The name „jégbüfé” means ice buffet, and it was called because earlier they offered mainly ice cream, parfait cake and cold patisseries. Besides their classical and also modern cakes, they also cook their own ice creams and parfait cakes. You can find one of the stores at Ferenciek tere, next to the Párisi Passage.

This is what visitors said about it:

"From all the fancy, trendy cafes, we’ve chosen this authentic place to have our breakfasts in. The old fashioned atmosphere, freshly baked, just from the oven, pastries, and a very good coffee made us wanting to walk several minutes every morning to get there for breakfast."

"When in Budapest I go here every evening to get myself a treat, chestnut-puree, "Pozsonyi" or enything else which my eye and excites my tatebuds."

"During one of my many walks I took in the city i found this coffee house, for what was explained to me, this is a house that is well known and quite older. Now in a new location with my kind of cakes and quality I loved it. My favourite become the Puncstorta."